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The Assumption (KOIMISIS) of the Theotokos  Greek Orthodox Church  21800 Marter Road  St. Clair Shores, Michigan 48080  Phone: 586-779-6111					Fax: 586-779-8369

Last Updated on : 06 April 2017

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The Greek Orthodox Youth of America (GOYA) of the Assumption Greek Orthodox Church is an extension of the community’s Sunday school program and provides the church's youth opportunities to volunteer, engage in enterprising activities, make lifelong friendships and express their Faith. With guidance from the GOYA advisor and faithful parents, GOYA officers learn to express their faith through a variety of “hands on” activities, including activity planning, group leadership, and financial planning.

Children ages 12 – 18 are members of GOYA.



Annual Activities

Thanks to the support from our parents, priests and community, the GOYA has been able to participate in the following activities:


First Sunday of every month the GOYA holds a full-member meeting to discuss recently completed activities and discuss plans for upcoming events and activities.

Annual Trip

Annually, the GOYA organizes a group trip to the GOYO in Grand Rapids, Basketball Tournament to Dayton, Ohio and more.

Through a variety of innovative activities, the GOYA works together to raise money for local charities and for church projects.

GOYA Board

President: Yianni Koukios

Vice President: Maria Thanasas

Treasurer: Sam Raphtis

Recording Secretary: Andrew Marcaccio

Corresponding Secretary: Effie Karabetsos

Advisors: Andrianna and Steve Kiriazis

              Elena and Yanni Mitropetros

2016-2017 GOYA officers.

Yanni Koukios' inaugural address to the congregation